Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the whole scheme of things

Well, hot diggity dang, I made it through Monday!!! Yay for me.... not really a great accomplishment in the whole scheme of things. Just my opinion.

I forgot my glasses this morning and everything is a blur so pardon me if my spelling is not up to par. Thanks!

I hate writing a blog where all I'm doing is complaining but dang, I got some complaining to do and I am using this as a form of therapy.... soooooo....

Work has been crazy. I can't seem to get caught up. Maybe it's because I'm to busy reading and writing blogs.... nah, that can't be it. I think its contributed by the fact that everytime I start getting there, I have to take off for something that involves the other three children I have living with me. It's very irritating. I'm thankful that my company is understanding but still, when I'm missing a day or so a week it just doesn't look good in the whole scheme of things.

I'm in the process of training others to do my job so they can fill in as needed. And in this process I'm creating a training manual and I want it to be perfect so that if someone who has never done this before sits at my desk, they should have no problems creating the paperwork needed. I really don't want to fail at this.

Today I'm meeting my cousin, Vanessa, for lunch. I left my camera at her house Saturday when I attended her bridal shower. We have sat down and had a conversation in a while so it will be nice. It's sad that we don't live too far from one another yet never see each other on a regular basis.

Speaking of the shower, here a few pics that my aunt sent me because you know, I was forgetful and forgot my camera.

This is me and my Aunt Sandra... and Addy pigging out... lol

Addison and Sophie - who is my cousin, Tommy's, youngest daughter.

Isabell (Tommy's oldest) and Shannon (Tommy's wife) with me, Becca and Addison

It was good to see family the other day.

Got a call from the lawyer's office yesterday morning and the adoption papers have been filed at the courthouse. Now we are trying to schedule the counseling sessions and lawyer visit with the birth mother and that's not going so great. I can't get anyone to freakin' call me back!!!! UGH!!! Once that is done and we have home study and at least 45 days has passed then they can schedule the court date to make everything final. He said it should all be done and said within the next three months. That's good news!

On the other hand, my hubs is driving me completely insane!!! As well as my 16 year old who thinks she is grown!!! WTH???? She doesn't seem to care about her grades or anything else. She made co-captain of the varsity cheer squad for next year. I reminded her that without goood grades she wouldn't be cheering at squat! Then I got total attitude from her... why oh why??? She really isn't a bad kid, just has a bad attitude. I don't know what to do anymore as far as her grades are concerned. I'm exhausted.

Anyways, enough ranting and raving, I gotta get my behind back to work. Happy Tuesday to you all!


KCLC said...

MOm said it was good to see you and that Addison was a real cutie.
And I see you highlighted your hair!

As for Becca....I thought schools dont allow students to particapate in sports/cheerleading if they have failing grades. I really hope Becca starts to take her school work seriously. I wish I had when I was her age.

Good luck on the adoption. Waiting is the hardest part.

Oh and after the Wedding, you have to get my approval of any pictures of me that are to be put on your blog......Because as you can see on my own blog, there are few and far between of me. And NONE of them are full body shots. I crop the hell out of those suckers.

And one last thing...I love you and cant wait to see you.

kristi said...

Cute photos!!! My daughter went from making A's to now she is bringing home C's. Not acceptable! Gotta love teens.

Bree Shaw said...

i am totally with you on the training manual. i have to have things just perfect. if i would be gone, they could look at my manual and do my job! i can't stand disorganization!

hope the adoption goes smoothly. i am sure it is exhausting and exciting all at once.

have a great day!

beck2listen said...

First of all, LOVE the pictures! You look beautiful, as does your beautiful family!

Secondly, do not train anyone so good that you are not needed, honey...LOL....always keep them knowing that they are lost without you! :OP

And lastly, the 16 year old attitude is par for the course, I'm afraid. I had plenty of that from mine and did not think she would live to see 17, much less 21, so trust me when I say that you will get through it. And on the grades...sadly, they all come to a point in high school, well most of them, that you have to start kicking their butt back into shape. It's just part of the parent job, unfortunately. They see how far out of bounds they can go, and get lazy, and we have to kick them back onto the playing field.

Good luck and I'm here if you need to vent and to also make sure you realize that you are a great mother and it is perfectly normal to have teenagers with attitude, my friend!


Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Well, at least Tuesday is sounding better than Monday! Ha! :-)

I think most kids slack a bit when they enter REAL high school. If she's really struggling I'd call the school and request some tutoring for her. That will help it two ways- she'll either get the help she needs or she'll be so embarrassed she'll get her act together. ... As a parent, I am not above public humiliation ... my poor child.

Stephanie said...

Great pics, your hair looks so cute!!!