Monday, March 30, 2009

20 Random Questions to offer a little insight

1. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
The great thing about being a child is you can be anything you want!! I, however, wanted to be like Dolly Parton... boobs and all. I really thought I could sing country music. Even went so far as to ask my mom how to get big boobs like Dolly. Her response, "eat your corn." I ate corn, it didn't work!

2. What have you done in the past week to help someone else?
the same thing I've been doing since November 15th, taking care of her 3 kids!

3. Who is the best-dressed person you know?
My friend, Danielle, she wears really nice and cute outfits.

4. What is on your nightstand?
a clock, the phone, bottles of lotion, addison's hair bands, Some meds for Addison, Addison's hair brush, probably a bottle from last night... Do you see a theme here?

5. If you were a cat, what kind of a cat would you be?
I would probably say a siamese since they are moody and tempermental.

6. If you lived in a house surrounded by acres of trees, what particular type of tree would you want flourishing on your land?
Oak trees! I love them... they are big and they have the best branches to crawl up in and just hide out... we used to do it all the time when we were little living in Prairie Lea, TX.

7. What do you find to be very overrated?
Oh, lots of things.... at this point though, cell phones!

8. How many email addresses do you have?
four or five...

9. Have you ever felt replaced?
yes, on a daily basis

10. Would you rather watch football or baseball?
Baseball, I have three nephews and a son who are awesome at this game!

11. What is the wallpaper on your phone?
ummm, I don't own a cell phone... see question #7

12. Name a lyric from the song you're listening to.
here comes goodbye... here comes the last time... here comes the start of every sleepless night... the first of every tear i'm gonna cry.

13. Do you use a feed reader?

14. What chocolate do you always leave in the box?
anything with cherries in it... ewwww

15. What would you do if you found out your ex is engaged?
feel sorry for the poor girl who said yes or wonder if she was retarded...

16. Do words hurt you?
oh yea, sometimes a lot worse than physical pain.

17. Are you a talker or a listener?
I am a talker, and I think I talk too much.

18. Have you ever walked on the beach at night?
Yep, I love the beach... love it, love it, love it... can't wait to go this summer~~~

19. Who is your favorite professional athlete?
oh wow! not really into professional sports but I'm going to go with Peyton Manning since he's Blake's favorite right now.

20. Which TV show have you seen pretty much every episode of?
Beverly Hills 90210... I never missed an episode... Oh and more recently, Nip/Tuck!

Now it's your turn... let us in a little


Anonymous said...

I saw all of 90210 too! I've only seen a couple of seasons of Nip/Tuck but it's an awesome show!

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

I have a def. 90210 addict in the 90s. And, Melrose Place, ha! And, I LOOOOVE the cherry chocolates. So, I'll eat all those and you can have all the random bon-bon ones!

Missy said...

ha ha we are too much a like!!! "Like it's a bad thing" ha ha I just had to throw that in there. I just responded to your post on my "Life Ain't Always Beautiful" blog. Link is in my profile! Hope you are having a great day!!!