Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me Monday - nothing in particular

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT have a very bad week last week where to me it seemed as if nothing went right.

I did NOT get entirely aggravated because all I want is one night of sleep and I can't seem to get that.

I did NOT take my 16 yr old to get her driver's license and I did NOT sweat the whole time she was gone in my tahoe. And I was so NOT proud of her for passing.

I did NOT resort to cans of Beanie Weenies this weekend to feed the smaller children because they are too picky and don't want to eat anything I fix.

I did NOT get up Saturday morning with every intention of spending the day busy, cleaning house and so forth. I did NOT end up spending the day on the couch sleeping instead.

I did NOT call Becca a million and two times while she was out of town this weekend at a ball tourney. I'm so NOT over protective like that!

Blake did NOT attempt to crawl over a fence and instead get a seven inch scratch all the way down his leg that looks like someone took a knife and tried to cut him. He's way too smart to do something like that and doesn't act like a boy at all. (yea right)

I did NOT have to go to the doctor last week because I had bronchitis and a double ear infection. There is NO way I would get sick after spending all winter taking care of sick kids. I'm much to strong for all that.

I do NOT love sitting and holding hands with my baby. She does NOT try to eat my hands now when I hold her.

I do NOT want a new camera because I think mine sucks! And I did NOT remind hubs that our anniversary is coming up on April 1st! I would in NO way throw subtle hints like that.

I did NOT have to make myself an eye appointment for this week so that I can go get glasses. After all, I've known for years I have issues with my sight. I so would've taken care of that by now.

I did NOT repeatedly wish several times this past week that I could go to Lala Land because it's very peaceful and serene there. Maybe a trip should be coming up.

Hubs and I did NOT go to eat at Applebee's yesterday. He would NOT suggest taking me to lunch after being cooped up in the house with all the kids this past weekend. He tends to NOT be thoughtful like that.

He did NOT insist on going to Cavender's and getting boots for Ms. Addy.

And I did NOT take pictures just because over the weekend. And I did NOT post them throughout this blog just so you would have to look at them. And I do NOT appreciate it at all that you understand that I have an obsession with pics of the kiddos and other things.



Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Aww! Your little girl is so precious!! I love the next to last picture, where it looks like she's giving the stuffed animal a big smooch! And, the pink boots are to die for!!

kristi said...

OMG, and I did NOT love this post! But I really did!

Kristen said...

Ahhh a new driver on the roads...GET OUT OF THE WAY
I love the new boots...too cute
i hope you can get some sleep in Lala Land

Bethany said...

Cute always!!! That's too funny what you said about New Year's Eve!! Sounds about like Saturday for me!! :)

Tess Jones said...

These were too fun! Your children are beautiful. Love the little boots, and I know about dropping hints. I did the same thing because my birthday is rhis month. Love all the pictures, it made the post fun!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Your baby is adorable- and you handled that driving thing like a pro- I am freaking out and my sons are still tweens!

Tiffany said...

Aww I love Addie's boots! :) She's so cute! Love all the pics.

shopannies said...

love those boots too cute

Bree Shaw said...

beautiful kiddos. thanks for visiting my blog:)

Kristine Corpus said...

I love the black and white photos! They are adorable.

oh my gosh! I can't believe how many people want those loaf pans. Look at all of your followers all of the sudden. Now you have the pressure to post interesting things regularly! LOL