Friday, February 27, 2009

My purse... or junk bag for better words

Every Friday before I go home I try to clean my purse out. This is my purse and what came out of it today:

There are a weeks worth of receipts from Mickey D's, Sonic, Walmart, the grocery store, etc... There is chapstick, letters, change and even a baby pacifier.... I've tried to scale down to a smaller purse but just get aggravated when I cram it full. So I get a bigger one and get more junk!!!!


Friday eye candy... looking forward to a relaxing weekend

***UPDATE***** time for a change

I have been patiently trying to let my hair grow out. I personally like it short but the hubs likes it long. Well, today I've decided to go get it cut off for a number of reasons...

1. Easier to fix when it's short
2. I look younger with short hair
3. No more spit up in it from Addison

And I'm sure there are more I can think of... Anyways, here's the before... and I'll post the after when I get back...

***** I think I may have confused some. This is my hair now!!! I hate it!!! To me, this is long... lol. Anyways, here shortly I will post the "new" hairdo... wish me luck!!!******

I hate my camera... it takes the worst pics... but this will give you an idea of how it turned out. It looks much better in person.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

a dorie day

Well, actually, it's been one of those weeks, months, years... etc, etc. Just feeling kinda lost in this big ol' ocean we call life. But as Dorie did, I keep telling myself,

"just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming".... and maybe, just maybe, one day I'll find where I'm supposed to be.

oh yea! i forgot

Some friends of mine that recently moved up the West Coast sent me this beautiful picture the other day. It was too beautiful not to share with the rest of you. I plan to visit them as soon as I can, even though it will be a long drive due to my fear of flying... lol... I can picture myself walking along this beach as the sun comes up and having one of my "talks" with God because that's when I feel closest to him. I'm so ready for that walk!!! This pic is now my desktop background.

We're expecting....

Well, not us per say (heck I have my hands full enough).... But this beautiful babe here is expecting...

That's right. We are going to have us a cute little baby horse running around in the next few months! I'm so excited but scared at the same time. And in all honesty, we have six already, don't really need another one. But I figure by the time the little baby is ready to be broke, then it will be time for Ms. Addy to be strapping on the chaps and pulling on the boots and learning how to be a cowgirl. That's of course, if she wants to. I hope we have a baby that looks more like momma and less like daddy. Paint horses are my favorite.

Let's see, other news going on.

Addy has been sick. Took her to the doctor yesterday because she had developed a new cry and it sounded like she was in pain. She hasn't been running in fever that I am aware of. I was guessing it had something to do with her little kidneys and the issues she has with them. Nope. Double ear infection!!! Whoo hoo... They also wanted a urine sample. Have any of you ever had to be around while they try to get a urine sample from a 4 month old.... not fun!!! We sat in the lab from 7:30 to nearly 10 waiting for her to peepee... nope, she wasn't having it. And finally, when she did, the bag came unsealed and pee went everywhere. So they send me home with another bag and a collection cup to try to get the sample. We're sitting on the couch watching tv, trying to pee, when all of a sudden she grunts and poo is everywhere.... UGH!!! Bag still in place I clean her up and sit down to wait for pee and as you would guess, when the pee came the bag became unsealed from her skin and pee was everywhere again... I give up!!! Called the doctor and she said not to worry about it but if she is still acting different or like she's in pain in the next couple of days, bring her back.

And this didn't stop here. The antibiotic they have her on makes her belly upset. We're sitting there watching American Idol last night and she is just pooting away. Of course, Becca and Blake are laughing. And I admit I was giggling too until I picked her up and there was poo all over me and her!!! Ick, Ick, Ick. This only made B & B laugh harder!!!

Her sitter says she is better today, thank goodness! Maybe we will make it through the night without an "incident".

Not much else going on. Potty training Em (my niece/foster child) right now, trying to deal with CJ (nephew/foster child) and his disruptive behavior (i.e., screaming at adults, stealing from daycare, etc.), William (nephew/foster child) has actually been on a good streak. Look for them to switch up any day now. I think they refuse to all be good at one time.

Hoping to go to Texas this weekend for my niece, Kristin, is having her 17th bday party and the kids really want to go.

I'm ready for normalcy again!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My life

Alright, so I know we've all went on those find a friend sites like CLASSMATES... well, my friend, D, in S'port sent me a contact request from formerly I updated my profile and such and hope to come in contact with a few lost friends from my childhood and teenage years... but I also hope to stay in touch with my new friends... so come on over and join the party!

Tuesday's Tribute - a man of many colors

Tuesday's Tribute
Yet Another Jay and Deb Production.

Today I feel like honoring my hubs!

While he and I have our differences and he drives me batty on a daily basis, he really is a great man. He has been a wonderful father to my children and would go to the ends of this earth to protect them. He is a man of many colors. He cherishes his family (almost to the point of driving me crazy) and doesn't require materialistic things to get him by. We are as different as night and day but heck, maybe that's what makes it work. He has his faults (like we all do) and he has his strengths. We are lucky to have him.

A provider of food... and an avid hunter. His first TX buck! Not bad!!!

The Horse Whisperer.... little does he know Buck doesn't care what he has to say.

Teach a man to fish..... and yes, he did catch that one!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Song title tag

i got this over at MakeMIneAMojito

rules are simple: You must pick one singer/artist and use only one song title to answer each question!

Pick a band/artist: GARY ALLAN... of course, did you think I'd pick someone else!!!

1. Are you a male or female: SHE'S SO CALIFORNIA

2. Describe yourself: I'M DOIN MY BEST

3. How do you feel about yourself: CAN'T DO IT TODAY

4. Describe your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend: WRECKING BALL

5. Describe your current boy/girl situation: LEARNING HOW TO BEND

6. Describe your current location: RIGHT WHERE I NEED TO BE

7. Describe where you want to be: BOURBON BORDERLINE

8. Your best friend is: NO DAMN GOOD

9. Your favorite color is: RED LIPS, BLUE EYES, LITTLE WHITE LIES


11. What’s the weather like: WE TOUCHED THE SUN

12. If your life was a television show what would it be called: TRYING TO MATTER

13. What is life to you: BEST I EVER HAD

14. What is the best advice you have to give: LIFE AIN'T ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL

15. If you could change your name what would you change it to: RUNAWAY

Now, it's your turn... I tag Beverly, Kim, and Becky

Not Me Monday.... praying hard.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I have NOT been in a funk here lately which is cutting into my blogging time. Because of this I have NOT refused to take my camera out and snap any pictures.

I also do NOT hate to post a blog without any pictures. Because after all, no one really likes to look at them anyways.

I did NOT have a crappy week where I feel that I'm not making any difference in the lives of my niece and nephews that are living with me right now. I did NOT get so p.o'd because my life has come to a standstill while their parents lives seem to be going on as normal.

I did NOT have to call social services to have said children's father's visits cut from my house because he choose to be stupid and show his arse and came to my house reeking of alcohol. And now his visits will be done through the social services office. Oh, no, I wouldn't do that because I just love to add more stress to my life!!!

I did NOT load up my sister-in-law, 5 children, and one other adult in my tahoe to drive an hour and a half so that she could visit her son in prison. I did NOT swear that I would never do this again because it was way too much for my nerves to handle.

I did NOT fall asleep several times this weekend (i.e., everytime I sat down on the couch). I am too full of energy to do something like that~

I did NOT pray several times this weekend for patience and understanding because I did NOT feel like just giving up on trying.

I did NOT watch an infomercial at 7 a.m. Saturday only to call and order the product they were selling. I'm NOT addicted to shopping at all.

I did NOT cook one awesome roast yesterday and make two kinds of potatoes to go with it... who the heck eats that many potatoes???

Oh, and Addy did NOT sleep in her own bed for the majority of the night last night. Nope, there's no way she'd give me such a break! It would be heaven if she did though.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


one more reason to love him and this video does not do it justice... I've seen him perform this and heard his soulful voice reaching deep down into the depths of us all to sing this song....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A few reasons....

Just because I sit here at my desk all day and listen to them, I wanted to share why in the world I love country music so very, very much... We have some darn good looking men singing to us!!!

Keith Urban - He absolutely rocks!!! I've always liked him but once I saw him in concert, I was in love!!! And "Stupid Boy" is one of the best songs ever... give it a listen!

Blake Shelton - hmmmm, just a good ol' boy but look at those gorgeous blue eyes! And he dates Miranda Lambert who is from TEXAS by the way!!! Saw him in concert and he was so down home, I was hooked!

Jason Aldean - can we all say it together class??? YUMMMY!!!! and that's all I got to say about that!

And MY MAN, Gary Allan... You didn't think I was going to leave him out, did you??? He is the most underrated, best male vocal in country music... my opinion only. I love to listen to him sing, I love to watch him sing, I love to see him rock out on stage... He can do no wrong. I've seen him three times already and would see him more but being a mommy comes first....

So ladies, if you haven't checked this hunks out before, do so now... let me know what you think...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Me Monday - because they taste good!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I did NOT take off last week to take my 16-yr old to get her braces. And I did NOT laugh at her when we went to eat at Raising Cain's and she couldn't bite into her sandwich. That would be mean and I would never do that... tee hee.

I did NOT let my inspection sticker on the tahoe expire in August of 2008 and just now, the other day, when I took off, go get a new one. I'm more responsible than that!

I did NOT buy Addison three new outfits and a new pair of shoes this past week because that child has enough clothes to outfit a set of quadruplets for a month... lol... I would never do that because I have more willpower and don't give in to frilly pink girly clothes.

We did NOT go to the Louisiana Boardwalk on Friday to see Friday the 13th only to find out that the 8 o'clock show was sold out. We so did NOT buy tickets for the 10 o'clock show because that would put us getting home way too late. And who really wants a night out of the house??? Away from small children who tend not to listen.

We did NOT go to Joe's Crabshack while waiting for the movie to start. I did NOT order two Shark Bites when really, only one would've been enough. We did NOT act silly in there the whole time and had people looking at us. I so did NOT enjoy my night out with my hubs, my two oldest kiddos, and one of my nephews.

And this said nephew did NOT talk the entire time we were gone. From the moment we left the driveway til we pulled back up. He would so NOT get on my nerves like this... lol

I did NOT say that for the rest of the weekend I would not put on makeup or leave the house. And I did NOT do my best to make sure that this happened.

I did NOT get alot done as far as cleaning this weekend only to wake up this morning to find that someone had made a mess and not picked up after themselves.... aaaarrrrgggghhhhh!

I did NOT catch my 2 yr old niece picking her nose and then putting her "findings" in her mouth (yuk, yuk, yuk)!!! I did NOT ask why they did this and my 5 yr old nephew did NOT tell me, "because they taste good..."

Excuse me while I go throw up!

Friday, February 13, 2009

what in the world do I need

Okay, got this idea from Tess over at Bi-polarMom ... here's the deal, you have to google your name plus the word Needs to see what 10 things out there that you need...

Here's what Laura Needs:

1. Laura Needs 25 cents and 2 fingers... and according to Google this is all she needs.

2. Laura Needs some post-toddler love.... ummm, I already have enough love with six kids.

3. Laura Needs your continued support... true dat!

4. Laura Needs your help... and help of many others... all kinds of help.

5. Laura Needs her meds change... yea, been thinking about Welbutrin... have heard wonderful things on that.

6. Laura Needs a tech makeover.... ummmmm, okay?

7. Laura Needs you to come eat.... not really, I don't cook so you may not want to come eat at my house...

8. Laura Needs your sway... as if mine isn't big enough.

9. Laura Needs to get out more.... AMEN!!!

10. Laura Needs everyone to understand.... just try... please, it's not that hard... I'm doing the same!

Okay, that was quite fun... you're turn Beverly and Kim~

Superstitions and Valentine's Day

Today is Friday, February 13th.... ooooohhhhhh, the dreaded Friday the 13th!!! I've never been one of those superstitious people who dreads the 13th for fear of bad luck. Never believed in all the hooey of walking under ladders, breaking mirrors, four-leaf clovers and other hoo-haa. So does this day mean doom???? Nah, not to me. In fact, tonight the hubs and I plus Becca and Blake are going to see Friday the 13th and going out to eat. Hopefully to Saltgrass Steakhouse because I LOVE that place!!! And I've been patiently waiting for this remake to come out... not only because I love horror movies but because I can remember going to see the original at the movies with my mother and sister. And yes, I remember having the feeling that I was going to pee my pants when he jumped out of the water and pulled the girl out of the boat... after all, the movie was supposed to be over!

And tomorrow is Valentine's day.. .the day of love.... excuse me while I puke! I've never been a big romantic on Valentine's day. I think it's more commercialized than Christmas, my opinion only. I do not try to push my beliefs on others and I do celebrate it because of my loved ones. In fact, I just left Wal-mart picking up candy and stuffed animals for all those in my crazy little household. And every year, without fail, my loving father sends me and my sister roses to work. And this year was no exception. Of course, aside from the normal sterling roses, this year they were a very pretty pink. And I love them!!!!

This morning, I had a little extra time to dress Ms. Addy and fix her hair before I took her to the sitter's. They are having a Valentine's Day party today so I tried to dress her in an appropriate outfit. She actually has little pink and red hearts all over her suit. Here she is, sitting like a big girl in her PawPaw BJ's chair... maybe Valentine's Day isn't so bad after all....