Monday, February 23, 2009

Not Me Monday.... praying hard.

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I have NOT been in a funk here lately which is cutting into my blogging time. Because of this I have NOT refused to take my camera out and snap any pictures.

I also do NOT hate to post a blog without any pictures. Because after all, no one really likes to look at them anyways.

I did NOT have a crappy week where I feel that I'm not making any difference in the lives of my niece and nephews that are living with me right now. I did NOT get so p.o'd because my life has come to a standstill while their parents lives seem to be going on as normal.

I did NOT have to call social services to have said children's father's visits cut from my house because he choose to be stupid and show his arse and came to my house reeking of alcohol. And now his visits will be done through the social services office. Oh, no, I wouldn't do that because I just love to add more stress to my life!!!

I did NOT load up my sister-in-law, 5 children, and one other adult in my tahoe to drive an hour and a half so that she could visit her son in prison. I did NOT swear that I would never do this again because it was way too much for my nerves to handle.

I did NOT fall asleep several times this weekend (i.e., everytime I sat down on the couch). I am too full of energy to do something like that~

I did NOT pray several times this weekend for patience and understanding because I did NOT feel like just giving up on trying.

I did NOT watch an infomercial at 7 a.m. Saturday only to call and order the product they were selling. I'm NOT addicted to shopping at all.

I did NOT cook one awesome roast yesterday and make two kinds of potatoes to go with it... who the heck eats that many potatoes???

Oh, and Addy did NOT sleep in her own bed for the majority of the night last night. Nope, there's no way she'd give me such a break! It would be heaven if she did though.


Stephanie said...

Sounds like a crazy week. Hang in there.

beck2listen said...

Girl, hang in there!! You ARE making a difference, and you can't see it now, but you ARE!!

Hire a sitter this Saturday and do nothing but deserve it!!!!

Hugs & Kisses!!!

Missy said...

You are super Mom/Aunt!!!!

Thanks for joining us over at Gary's Junkies!

Anonymous said...

It's one of those weeks, huh? You sound like such a great person to stick with what you know is right, even though it's not the easy road. You rock!