Thursday, January 8, 2009

An update in an ongoing process.

We had court yesterday involving the children. The whole purpose of yesterday was to have the children adjudicated. What that means exactly, I’m not really sure. The allegations against my sister in law, were read and then the case worker went over the case plan that they had in mind for her. The primary goal is to have the children returned to her by at least May 31st but no later than November 31st. She has a list of things that she must do in order for this to happen. They are impressed with her progress so far. If for some reason, she loses motivation and does not continue her improvements, then at the end of the year they will terminate her rights and the children will go up for adoption.

On a really GREAT side, the court also removed Addison from state custody and have given Jojo and I custody of her so that we may start with adoption proceedings. This was a great relief to me because I felt she should’ve never been placed in their custody since she has been with us since birth. But I understand the legal reasonings behind them doing that. Now I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. We will be contacting a lawyer in the next week or so to start everything and we will legally be her parents.

I will keep you all posted on everything that is going on. Thanks for caring!

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SCM said...

Great news!! I'm glad your SIL is trying to do what's best and her kids will have her as a mom. That's always great to hear. I can't imagine waiting around to legally become a parent to your child, I'm glad that can happen now!