Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random facts about LMT

I'm patiently sitting at work waiting on 4:30 to get here so that I can go home. It's been one helluva day! I read this over at my cousin's blog and my sister's and thought I'd bore the rest of you with me!

1. I have a freckle between my toes.

2. When I sleep at night if the cover has a tag on it, the tag has to be in the lower right hand corner of the bed.

3. I have six horses and one of them is expecting at the moment.

4. I once lived in a town called Prairie Lea, TX and still miss it at times.

5. I love disco music.

6. I've never been out of the United States and probably never will due to my fear of flying.

7. Going to the gynocologist does not bother me.

8. I like to eat fritos and a hershey's bar at the same time.

9. I don't wear jewelry unless I'm dressing up for a special occasion.

10. Me and math do not get along.

11. I have two tattoos... one on my lower back and one on my ankle.

12. I've had my belly button pierced twice though it is not pierced at this time.

13. I have never wanted to be a stay at home mom.

14. I once drove by George Strait's house in San Marcos, TX

15. I did not graduate from high school and this is my biggest regret. However, I did go back and receive my GED five years later.

16. My first job was a hostess at Champ's restraunt.

17. I have been stood up on dates several times and was devastated each time.

18. I love short hair.

19. I have become addicted to blogging.

20. I have a problem with animals... the problem is I keep bringing them home even though we have enough already.

21. My 3 month old still sleeps in the bed with us.

22. I am one of those mom's who goes to the games and yells very loudly from the stands.... my 16 yr old hates this by the way.

23. I believe that I was too young the first time I got pregnant but do not regret it.

24. I hate to cook!

25. I love listening to Gary Allan.... wait that's not random... it's just a fact!

Now I want each of you to do it and let me know you did. I'd do all that linky stuff but i'm still a little illiterate when it comes to that!


KCLC said...

YOU like to listen to Gary Allan? Since when? HA!

Anonymous said...

My blog is definitely a form of therapy....
Now, come on, DRIVE out of the US.

I looked in between my toes, just a little lint. ~Mary