Thursday, January 8, 2009

really bored at work

Okay, I do NOT feel good today (fighting off the crud) and I do NOT want to be here at work. Only 30 more minutes then I can go home.

I've spent the majority of the day trying to plan our family trip this summer. Last year we went to Dallas with Tina and Johnny and the kids. This year we are going to New Braunfels with the same plus Christina and Tbo and their kids. All in all, there will be about 17 of us going. We plan on going June 10th... my birthday!!! And staying until the 14th. I got to choose the dates because I also have my mother's family reunion on the 13th so I knock two birds out with one stone.

But finding a place to stay is driving me crazy!!! I do NOT want to stay in a motel... so looking for a condo or house.

We plan on taking the children to Schlitterbahn and to the San Antonio Zoo. Hopefully I can get my hubby to take me to Gruene Hall for a little two-stepping.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to this because I always love going home to Texas... so the countdown begins!!!


beck2listen said...

How awesome!! They have some terrific B&B's around Gruene, Georgetown...just a thought.

I hope you have a wonderful vacation, cause God knows you deserve it, my dear friend!

angie said...

Hope you are having a great trip!