Tuesday, January 20, 2009

really, does it get better???

Okay, I'm having one of those really really horrible days/weeks! And right now, I just don't see the silver lining.

To start off, yesterday I felt bad all day. Just didn't have energy, was hurting, running fever and I thought, "oh no, i'm getting the crud again." Well, on the way home I felt the urge to pee but instead of stopping, I just kept going. Can't be late to daycare (and for those who don't know, I work an hour from home). So, I pick up kids from daycare and finally make it home and am in some pretty bad pain. Guess who has a bladder infection??? So at 6:45 last night I'm on my way to the store to get AZO and cranberry juice. And it's a good thing I still have some antibiotics left from last week.

And of course, Addison is still not sleeping well. She just tosses and turns too much and you can tell she has gas.

Then this morning I get up and Emily (my 2 yr old niece) has took her diaper off sometime during the night and has messed all in the bed. Why me??? I can't deal with stuff like that. I so thought I was going to puke everywhere.

I'm trying to get everyone up and dressed, Addison fed, Emily showered and clean the bed up and get myself off to work and no one is cooperating with me.

Now I just can't quit crying since I'm at work and finally have a moment to gather my thoughts... why???


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

I'm sorry to hear you're having one of those days. It's hard enough to be a mom when you are feeling good! When you get sick it can be torture. Cause you've just got to keep going. Little ones just don't understand. I'm thinking of you and hoping your day starts to cheer up a little.

Blogger said...

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