Wednesday, April 28, 2010

welcome to the world....

Here is a picture of my new nephew, Michael D’Angelo Tingle. He weighed 6 lbs 8 oz and was 20 ¾ inches long. He is doing fine. They ran a barrage of tests on him due to his momma not having prenatal tests but so far we have a thumbs up on everything. He is very alert and when I was talking to him he would just open his eyes and look like he was listening as hard as he could.

As of bedtime last night, my sister in law was still hemorrhaging and the drs were trying to get that under control. If she didn’t quit bleeding they were going to do a blood transfusion this morning.

I was the first one in the family to see this sweet boy… I was able to be in the delivery room and helped welcome him into this world. I just pray his life will be okay.

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Jess said...

Congrats Auntie..

Hoping your sister is able to recover without the transfusion-- they suck.

He is precious.