Monday, April 13, 2009

An uneventful Easter weekend

Okay, did you really think I was not going to post any pics from this weekend??? Don't you know me by now???

This weekend was really uneventful which in my book makes it a good weekend.

I spent the weekend missing my husband's grandparents as we usually spent Easter at their place hunting eggs.

The forecast called for rain on Saturday so I made the kids get dressed so we could take pictures.

First I took CJ, Emily, and William for their Spring pics. They were so difficult. If I got one to look at me and smile, the other two wanted to be little donkeys... but I guess they are at that age. Here are a few of them.

We didn't get a whole lot because like I said, the team work was just not there.

Then it was time to take my three. I thought things were going to go smoothly because Addison is always such a happy child. Then Mr. Hyde came out.

I was able to snap a few before she started throwing this fit. Behold:

It was pretty much after this that she started throwing her tantrum... because she couldn't eat the leaves off the tree. So we went home. Obviously she was hungry because she took her a bottle and went to sleep. For about 15 minutes. She woke up then happy as can be. So I grab Becca and Blake and try to squeeze in a few more photo ops. I was actually quite pleased with the results. Tell me what you think of these:

Then on Sunday we visited my husband's nephew in prison. It was a nice visit on a rainy Easter day. We finished the weekend off with a bit of Bunny Candy before bed... but not too much.

Hope each of you enjoyed your Easter weekend as well. From our house to yours, hugs and kisses


Stephanie said...

LOVE all the pics. Those three you're borrowing are so precious. They look like a handful, but they're adorable. Lol.

You're three all looked great, too. I love Addison's little dress. And the second set of pictures look really neat, I like the one of them laying in the grass.

Ha, that last pic is priceless.

beck2listen said...

GORGEOUS pics!!! Even though you had some tantrums they turned out beautiful!!

Glad you had a good Easter deserved the "uneventful" one!!

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

The pics are great! Your baby girl is just about the cutest little thing! We had the idea to do pictures on Saturday, too, but that just didn't come to fruition. Is it a shame to take Easter pics a week after Easter? ha!

Beverly said...

Awww....lots of good pics. And no one would have ever known that it was crazy getting everyone to cooperate! I love the picture of Addison trying to eat the tree, the one of her smelling Lu's stink arm pit, and how the horse is wanting to take a bite out of my niece's beautiful face =)!!!

sal said...

great pictu8res of all the kids

KCLC said...

The pics came out really good if I say so myself!!! :)
I want to ask though....Do you take pics of Addison with her other two brothers and sister? Wasnt for sure how you go about all that.

JC said...

Love the pics! You are talented. Wish I could do that stuff, but then again I've never tried. :)

Tiffany said...

Great pics! I wish I knew how to edit them so only one color pops like that. Your kids are gorgeous!