Monday, April 20, 2009

Tag, you're it...

Okay, I've been tagged by Suzanne over at Shabby Chicks..... so here it goes!

**8 Things I'm Looking Forward To**
1) Addison's adoption to be final
2) Seeing my sister, niece, and nephew this summer
3) Blake's ball games
4) Having my house paid off in October
5) Mammarazi's Favorite Things Swap
6) My baby cousin's wedding this weekend.
7) Summertime and relaxing on the beach
8) Taking my kids to the zoo.

**8 Things I Did Yesterday**
1) Laundry... every Sunday... do you know how much laundry 8 people make???
2) Put my pictures into my new photo album...
3) Talked to my sister on the phone.
4) Took the bassinet back to Amy
5) TRIED to take a nap!!!
6) Cooked steak, mac n cheese, and ranch style beans for dinner
7) Watched Family Guy
8) Played the XBOX with Blake

**8 Things I Wish I Could Do**
1) Go back to bed.
2) Have a full nights sleep
3) Get all my photos organized
4) Go on vacation for a couple of weeks to the beach
5) Take better pictures
6) See Clifford again
7) Say "NO"
8) Not go crazy whenever margaritas are involved!

**8 Shows I Watch On TV**
1) Dancing with the Stars
2) American Idol
3) Family Guy
4) The Simpsons
5) House
6) Two and a half Men
7) Operacion Repo... just started watching that.
8) Cartoons...

**8 People I Tag** (Please visit them... And to those I tagged, I can't wait to see your answers..unless you've already been tagged with this and then I excuse you from the tag:-))
1) Beverly @ Just 2 Get It Out N the Open
2) Stephanie @ More than a Mommy
3) Sandra @ Salutations
4) Kim @ This and That
5) Kristi @ Kristine Corpus
6) Becky @ Becky's Blogs
7) Heather @ A Day with Jake
8) Bethany @ Somethin' to talk About


Beverly said...

I watch that show Operation Repo too at times. Crazy ppl I tell ya!

sandy said...

We make a lot of laundry too! It's just not right!

beck2listen said...

Thanks for the tag...;OP

Heather, aka Jake's Mommy said...

Thanks for the tag! I'll get it up sometime this week!

Kristine Corpus said...

totally didn't see the tag until just now! sorry :( get right on that.