Friday, December 19, 2008

QC Christmas Party!!

So today we had our annual QC Christmas Party and fried fish... I know not your typical Christmas dinner but still, I work with a bunch of outdoorsy guys. And heck, it keeps me from having to make anything. It turned out really well. We did our gift exchange... I got a gift certificate to Chili's!! My favorite place to eat. Now just finding time to go. Maybe I'll take my hubby to eat tomorrow night if we can talk Becca into keeping the kids for a couple of hours.

I also got some candles, some Warm Vanilla Sugar bath and body works that smells soooo good, and a Keith Urban greatest hits cd!!! My favorite gift by far!! Was never a big fan of his until I saw him in concert! He is such a talented performer and rocked the show!!

Hoping all this will help me to find a bit of Christmas spirit. Need to finish decorating the tree and then put all the kids in front of it and get at least one picture. Keep your fingers crossed that I can pull it off!!!

Well, outta here til next week! Have a safe weekend!!!

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beck2listen said...

Sounds like fun and boy did you clean up at the party!!

Good luck on the tree and finding some "you" time!!!

You need and DESERVE it!!!

Hugs and Kisses~