Wednesday, December 24, 2008

missing christmas cheer

It's Christmas Eve and I know I should be spreading joy and cheer and good spirits but there's a part of me that's lost. I miss my family!!! I don't do well not being with them for the holidays!!! And this year it's just us and all the kids and their momma... we are staying home and no one is coming over.

I want so badly to see my sister!!! I knew that the older we got and when we had our own families it would be harder to be together on the holidays. But my sister has always been there for me and I've always been there for her. Her and I are it!! And not being with her is killing me! I want her to share in the joy of Addison's first christmas. To see Blake's face light up when he gets his Xbox. To deal with Becca since they act so much alike... lol. I miss her!

Then there's Alexis and Shawn. I've missed out on too many Christmases and other holidays. These are MY niece and nephew and I should've been there more for them to grow up. They know that I love them but I'm scared that they think I might not care enough. And it's not that. Trust me, if I could convince my hubby to move to Houston, I'd be there in a second. Imagine being able to have cookouts with my family and my sisters. That's how it should be. Anyways, I tend to get sidetracked. I know that my niece and nephew are going to have a great Christmas and I hope they remember how much their Lala loves them!!!!

And to the Tingles in Texas... I miss ya'll too. Especially my Balie Boo. As spoiled rotten as she is, and I had no hand in that!!! ;) I hope they have a wonderful Christmas and hope to see them soon!

And to each of you a very Merry Christmas! May God watch over you and yours and may you all have a Wonderful New Year! Be safe!

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Kristine Corpus said...

i'm sorry you miss your family! hope it was a great christmas anyway